Create your Bot | Botkit Studio

Create your Bot

Create a bot

To add a new bot to your team, click on Create a Bot from your bot list page.

Name the bot

This can be anything, but we suggest using a name that describes its function, and where it sits in your production pipeline.

Choose where your bot will live

Choosing the default platform for your bot will select a editor UI that more closely matches the platform your bot will be ran in. You will also get access to Platform specific attachments and features in the editor.

This can help during the creation process to visualize the user experience before you have actually stood up the bot.

Currently Botkit Studio supports:

Next steps

Now that you have created a bot project in Studio, you'll want to host your bot somewhere to test it's features.

Once the bot is online you can start creating your bot's features using scripts or import features from an already existing bot