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Creating Compose Extensions

One of the unique features of Microsoft Teams is support for compose extensions - custom UI elements that appear adjacent to the compose bar in the Teams client that allow users to create cards of their own using your bot application.

With a compose extension, you can offer users a way to search or create content in your application which is then attached to their message. Compose extensions can live in both multi-user team chats, as well as 1:1 discussions with the bot.

They work sort of like web forms - as a user types a query, the compose extension API retrieves results from the application and displays them in the teams UI. When a result is selected, a custom app-defined card is attached to the user’s outgoing message.

You can enable compose extensions on your bot project via the enabling it in your manifest file using the App Package editor and adding some helper code to your Botkit application

Configure in Studio

The following fields are editable in the App Package editor:

  • Enable Compose Extension - Toggle this to add the feature to your manifest on export.
  • Context selection: You can check the following to enable the exstenion in either:
    • Show in Team context (in shared channels)
    • Show in 1:1 context (for direct messaging with the bot)

There are also the following options (for most users you will want to leave them at their defaults):

  • ID: (a unique identifier for this extension)
  • Title: Command Title
  • Description: Description of command
  • Run automatically when extension is activated: Toggle this if you want the bot to start working without any user input.

Finally, you can define the following parameters:
* Name with the default query
* Title with the default Search
* Desc with the default Search by keyword

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