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Manage your billing settings

A measurement of your team's current usage can be found on your account's billing page..

With a paid account, your usage meter will reset every month. If you are about to reach the limits for the term, your meter will indicate this and alert you that your account may need to be upgraded soon.

Current subscription information

  • Plan Type - What account type a given team currently has. Please see below for the various types of accounts.
  • Unique Users - The total amount of unique users who have communicated with your team's bots using Botkit studio.
  • API Calls - The total number of API calls your team's bots have made.

Note: For more on how we measure these numbers, please read this helpdesk article about bot statistics.

Once you have started any paid account, you will also see the following fields:

  • Cost - The amount (in US Dollars) your current account costs per period.
  • Payment History - A list of all previous transaction against your team's account.

Types of Accounts

When you first create a Botkit Studio team, you must choose the type of billing plan you wish to start with.

Trial tier

  • Cost: Free
  • Number of bots: 1
  • Users reached: 25 total lifetime *
  • Total API calls: 1000 total lifetime*
  • Who is this for? - Newcomers to Botkit Studio who wants to trial available features. This account's limits should be enough to setup a Botkit application on your platform of choice and work on it with a few members of your team.

Note: Once a team has reached the above lifetime limit of the Trial tier, they must upgrade to one of the below tiers to continue to work on their bot.

Developer tier

  • Cost: $5.00/ Month
  • Number of bots created: 3
  • Users reached: 100 / Month
  • Total API calls: 25,000 / Month
  • Who is this for? - Teams or individuals that want to get serious about working bots, or developers that want a simple bot to use around the home, office, or for their smaller community.

*With valid credit card on file

Professional tier

  • Cost: $20.00 / Month
  • Number of bots created: Unlimited
  • Users reached: 2,500 / Month
  • Total API Calls: 50,000 / Month
  • Who is this for? - Developers ready to share their bot with their team or their larger community, and anticipate the bot to see more serious usage.

Business tier

  • Cost: $99.00 / month
  • Number of bots created: Unlimited
  • Users reached: 10,000 / Month
  • Total API Calls: 250,000 / Month
  • Who is this for? Commercial or private bots for large teams or bots that are intended to be distributed publicly.

Worried about account limits for your bot?

Don't be! If you exceed the limits for your bot, your account will be automatically upgraded to the next tier on your next month's renewal, to ensure uninterrupted service.

Looking for educational or not for profit pricing?

Accredited educational and not for profit organizations can contact us here to discuss bringing a Botkit Studio account to your team.

Need to talk to our Sales team?

We can offer custom plans tailored to your needs! This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Custom billing options
  • Custom development of crucial features
  • On-premises hosting
  • White-labeling Botkit Studio
  • Custom Bot development

Interested? Drop us a line and talk about what you are looking to build, by contacting us here.

Manage your subscription

Upgrading or Downgrading your account

If you have a valid credit card on file, Botkit Studio will automatically upgrade your team based on usage when you reach the upper thresholds of your current tier. Should you want to manage this manually, you can click on Manage subscription in your account and select the tier you would like to use going forward.

Note: If you are upgrading your account, Botkit Studio will do so immediately, and charge you the difference in price between your existing tier and the new one.

If you are downgrading your account, the new account account tier will take place at the beginning of your next subscription period, and you be able to use the full range of existing tier benefits until then.

How can I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, or contact our billing team regarding your account's billing please contact us us here.