Register a .BOT domain for your bot | Botkit Studio

Register a .BOT domain for your bot

Each bot’s dashboard contains a widget that will grant you early access to the newly available domain Amazon .Bot name space!

To claim your domain

  • Log into the Amazon .Bot Registry Portal
  • Enter the URL you would like to use for your bot and then log into any valid Amazon account.
  • Now log in to your Botkit Studio account.
  • Select the bot you would like to use for validation.
  • On your bot's dashboard scroll down to the .Bot widget and select your validation key.

Validation key image

  • Copy this validation Key.
  • Enter this validation key in the Amazon portal, once validated you can continue to registration.
  • Once your domain is registered, you would setup the domain as you would any other TLD. For more information and support, visit Amazon Domain Services