Script Editor | Botkit Studio

Script Editor

The Botkit Studio script editor allows you to design an entire library of bot interactions without requiring code pushes for updates.

  • Script Info - Information about your bot’s purpose. There are the following advanced fields:

    • Name - The friendly name of your bot.
    • Description - A longer field you can use to describe a bot’s purpose.
    • Add Tags - Tags allow you to bundle scripts by type for better sorting. More functionality around this is coming soon.
    • Script Id- Each script has a unique Id that you can use to load the script directly in your application. More information on applying this can be found here.
  • Triggers - Triggers are words used by users to initiate the script. One script can be triggered by any variety of words.

  • Code Generator - Include dynamic data, validate input, or build custom functionality.

  • Export - Using this you can Download exported scripts, or copy the provided JSON into your own file.

  • Threads - Scripts can have several threads depending on user input. Choose between threads to view or change the messages in each one.

  • The Message Window - The message window allows you to view the flow of your script visually, and edit your bot’s dialogue directly.

  • Message Properties - Clicking on a given message will show all text variations available for it, as well as any attachments associated with the message.

  • Variables - Variables are values that can change, depending on external conditions or on information passed on during the conversation with a user. You can enable variable collection in a message by checking Capture user's typed response in any message. This will create a step in the message window indicating the selected variable.

Platform specific features


  • Attachments - Slack specific formatted objects you use in your threads.


  • Attachments - Facebook specific formatting objects to use in your threads.
  • Quick replies - Quick replies are a special form of attachments that allow you to create shortcut buttons or actions to simplify conversation flow with users and your bot.