Scripts | Botkit Studio


Every Bot contains an inventory of Scripts, which are a set of skills your bot can use to work with humans. Whether you create a new bot or are managing an existing bot you will see the following things when viewing the inventory:

Search and creation functions

  • Filter Scripts - If you have very many scripts, you can use this to thin the list to only items that match input. Checking search entire script will also search the contents of the script if you are having a hard time finding what you are looking for.
  • Create a script - You can type the name of your script here. This is not displayed to end users, so feel free to use a descriptive name that will aid developers identifying the function of the script.
  • Describe what this script does - This field can provide additional information on a given script’s purpose
  • Create - Clicking this button will instantly add a new script to your bot, pre-populated with some default responses. You can then start building out the function of the script using the script editor

Script inventory and actions

  • Script Name - Developer indentifiable name for the script. Clicking on this name will take you directly to the script editor.
  • Description- More contextual information that you can use to indicate a scripts function.
  • Actions - Each script also has the following quick actions:
    • Stats - Jump directly to the stats view for a given script.
    • Code Sample- Generate code you can copy directly into your Botkit project.
    • Delete- Delete a script permanently. Be sure to edit any associated scripts before doing so.