Settings Options | Botkit Studio

Settings Options

The settings page allows you to edit some global settings for your bot on one page. The following settings are currently available:

Bot info

  • Name - The friendly name of your bot.
  • Description - a short field you can use to describe a bot’s purpose.
  • Platform - This setting will change the bot’s script editor to match a specific platform and grant access to create platform specific content.

Message console

The message console can also be managed here. Availble options:
* Enable Console - opt-in to sharing message content with Botkit Studio.
* Retain console messages indefinitely - Store messages beyond the default 30 day retention period.

Fallback Behavior

You can set a Fallback script to trigger whenever a user messages a bot something they do not understand. Options are:
* Do nothing - This is the default behaviour.
* Run this script - execute a script from your bot’s script inventory.

Platform Keys (Optional)

This allows you to save your Platform token directly in studio for reference.