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Your Bot's Dashboard

Every Botkit Studio bot has a dashboard that tells you the progress of your bot’s development and provides real-time insight to the activity of your bot once it is in use. What you will see depends on how far along you have progressed in creating your bot application.


This will display today’s collected metrics once your Bot has started communicating with Botkit Studio once you have deployed your application. If you have not talked to your bot this will not appear.


Once you have properly deployed your bot application. This will provide information on:

API History

When your bot has started talking to the Botkit Studio service this will give the date stamp of the last time we received a request from your bot application. Additional you may see the following if your have enabled optional power-ups:

Team Overview

From here you can invite other people to join and help develop your bot applications.

.Bot Domain name

This contains the information you need to Register a custom .bot domain for your bot.

Current Usage

This displays the current usage with regards to your billing period.