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Creating a Bot Menu

Bot menus help to educate your users about critical bot functionality. The menu displays a command with help text you can edit to describe the command's purpose. This information is defined in your bot's manifest file.

Best practices from Microsoft:

  • Keep it simple: the bot menu is meant to present the key 3-5 capabilities or commands of your bot.

  • Keep it short: menu options shouldn’t be extremely long and complex natural language statements – they should be simple commands.

  • Always available: bot menu actions/commands should be always invokable, regardless of what state of the conversation or dialog the bot is in.

You can define your Bot Menu for Microsoft Teams in the App Package settings. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click Edit Tabs to find a view where you can define your tab settings for inclusion in your manifest.

Bot Menu Editor

In your App Package settings you will see a link to the Bot Menu Editor, which allows you to define two types of Commands:

Public Commands

These commands will be presented to a user for use in channels.

Private Commands

These commands are for use in 1:1 chat with your bot.

Each field supports up to 10 commands, but it is recomended that you stick to 1-3 of your most anticipated commands for best user experience.

Each command has a Title, which should usually be the trigger for your script, and a Description, which is text for your users that describes the function of the script.

These fields come pre-populated with content, you should remove this before exporting your manifest. Click save will take you back to your App Package editor.

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