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Host your Bot

Running your own bot application gives you complete control over the messages exchanged and information collected by your bot.

Everything you need to build your custom bot is provided in our starter kits, visiting the Integrations -> Hosting will provide you a list of some popular options for deploying your bot with mimimal fuss.


Glitch offers super easy integrated hosting, code editing and version tracking. How to use Glitch


Host your bot on Heroku for as little as $7 a month and get started for free. How to use Heroku.

Self Hosted

Clone the Botkit Starter Kit to your own server and run it yourself. Read here for a step-by-step guide on configuring a server to host your bot.

Current Bot Applications

One you have deployed a Bot to one of these services, you can view the status of the Bot deployment here. Your deployment will display the following information:

  • Current Bot Applications - Name of hosting service used for a given deployment.
  • Botkit Version - Current version of Botkit in this deployment.
  • Last Update - Last time this server spoke to Studio services.
  • Actions - Placeholder for future actions.