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Manage your team

Your Team

When you create a new Botkit Studio account, that login becomes your team. All bots created on this account are attached to the team. You can invite other users to create their own free Botkit Studio account and grant them roles that allow you access to manage the bots on your team.

Team Roles

On a studio team, a given user can have one of three roles:

  • Owner - Owners can manage features on the team that Admins and Members cannot. Owners create other Owners. They have all abilities that the other classes do.
  • Admin - Admins can do whatever Members can do. They can create teams and add users, and create other Admins. Admins can create bots.
  • Members - Can edit existing bots and create new scripts, triggers, and variables.

Invite a new team member

You can invite a new team member in this field by entering their email address, selecting the role level, and clicking Invite. They will be sent an email with a link to join your team, by clicking it they agree to be added.

If they do not yet have a Studio account, they will be prompted to create one. Once they have accepted, they will then appear under your team’s list of memmbers.

View existing team members

This displays a full list of your current team members and their roles. You have two options here:

  • Change role - Change a users access levels to a different role.
  • Remove - Remove a user from the team. They will immediately lose access to your team until you invite them again to rejoin.